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Algorithms Coffee

The Theory Group host a weekly Algorithms Coffee on Mondays, 11am-12pm in the Theory Collaboration Area on the 3rd floor of Mudd.  Come and discuss any advanced algorithms or theory questions in your research, news and current events in theoretical computer science, or topics from recent theory seminars.  There will be no formal presentations.  If coffee isn’t your cup of tea, there is also tea. 

Quarterly Theory Workshop

The Quarterly Theory Workshop brings in three theoretical computer science experts present their perspective and research on a common theme.  Chicago area researchers with interest in theoretical computer science are invited to attend.  The technical program is in the morning and includes coffee and lunch.  The afternoon of the workshop will allow for continued discussion between attendees and the speakers.

Theory Seminar

The Theory Seminar is the weekly seminar of the Theory Group in EECS. The Theory Seminar covers topics in theoretical computer science like algorithms, computational complexity, algorithmic game theory and theoretical machine learning. Seminars will range between neat proofs, informal presentations of local theory, and talks by visiting theoreticians. In addition to Theory Seminar talks, the calendar lists relevant talks in EECS, MEDS, IEMS, and interesting theory seminars in the Chicago area.

Events Calendar